About Us

With headquarters in Antwerp, in one of the largest worldwide ports, Antwerp Port Pharmacy provides ship’s medical supplies (such as pharmaceuticals, surgical dressings, hygienic articles and first aid kits for life boats) for all kind of flags. We also do annual check-ups of medicine chests and deliver necessary medical certificates.

As experts in providing medical supplies to our clients for more than 50 years, we dare to state to be one of the best in its kind. In order to meet the specific, country-based needs of our clients, Antwerp Port Pharmacy excels in knowledge about local medical laws and flag regulations. Due to continuous check-up concerning this matter, we can keep our clients updated about upcoming regulation changes.

Our clients benefit from our unique medical stock maintenance system in order to ease the process of replacing used or expired medicines. The system, which beside being very useful for medical budget control purposes, also allows us to inform when certificates are going to expire. Due to our great location, we can easily and rapidly attend ships for the best medical service.


The health and safety of your crew is our top priority.

Antwerp Port Pharmacy, Sint-Jansplein 8-9, 2060 Antwerp

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