Singapore order on a druggist

This document exists of 3 parts, filled in in the correct chronological sequence. Part I has to be filled in by Master/Owner/Manager of the ship. It is an order on the druggist how to check and evaluate the medical locker (with or without dangerous goods/...

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Malaria Treatment

Every increase in body temperature (from 38 °C in the armpit) lasting more than 24 hours and occurring during or up to three months after a stay in an area where malaria is endemic ( map ) - whether accompanied by other signs and symptoms or not - must be considered...

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Malaria prevention

Guidelines for preventive malaria pills (malaria prohylaxis) For areas with resistance against chloroquine or fansidar (ZONE C on the malaria map)  : ATOVAQUONE 250 MG/PROGUANIL 100 MG: for an adult: 1 tablet daily,  starting 1 day before arrival in the malaria risk...

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