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(Re) Certification

Because of our extensive knowledge of all different flagstate regulations regarding onboard healthcare of vessels, Antwerp Port Pharmacy is able to certify all kinds of medical lockers for all kinds of vessels (cat A, B, C, other…). This service of certification can be managed personally onboard by us in the ARA region or by virtual check-up from a distance. For this second option, all we need is a medical inventory list with expiry dates to do a check-up after which we can make a proposal for (re)certification.

We can issue medical certificates for regular medical lockers, Poisoning Treatment Chests (PTC/MFAG) and lifeboat first-aid kit.


Poisoning Treatment Chest

Certain vessels such as chemical tankers and container ships, transporting dangerous goods, require additional medicines and medical equipment. These so-called antidotes can be used in case of intoxication with harmful substances. The content of these Poison Treatment Chests, which are stored separately from the ordinary medical locker, is according to the IMDG standards as issued by WHO.

Medical Supplies

Antwerp Port Pharmacy is able to supply all kinds of  medical supplies according to the different flagstate medical regulations. We can also offer drinking water disinfectants, rescue and immobilization stretchers, first-aid kits, eye wash stations and other medical disposables. All items are labelled in English and/or in the language of the flagstate.


Delivery (24/7 service)

Our delivery services comprise very reliable door-to-door couriers, both by air and by road, and air-broker services. For deliveries on board in the ARA region we have our own private courier in 24/7 service. After consultation with our client, we always aim to arrange delivery in the most economical way.

Reflagging and Newbuildings

The update from an existing flagstated medical chest to another flagstate is usually quite difficult. Because of our comprehensive knowledge and databases of (international) medicines, Antwerp Port Pharmacy states to be the perfect partner for this job. Medicines from the old locker can be re-used and re-labelled for budget purposes.

Medical Oxygen – Resuscitation equipment (24/7 service)

Antwerp Port Pharmacy can supply, refill, hydrotest and certify medical oxygen bottles with all kinds of valves and reducers. Due to airfreight restrictions, oxygen bottles can only be transported by our own delivery service or by road courier. We also supply different types of resuscitation materials.


As experts in providing medical supplies to our clients in the marine and medical business for more than 6 decades, Antwerp Port Pharmacy is the right partner for any medical advice. Our professional team is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and offer client-based solutions. In the news topics section you will find the latest info regarding malaria, zika virus or ebola. It is our concern to create a worldwide network of medical practitioners who will be able to help you wherever and whenever.

MLAS Medical Locker Automatic Supply System

Our clients can benefit from our unique medical stock maintenance system in order to ease the process of replacing used or expired medicines. The system, which beside being very useful for medical budget control purposes, also allows us to inform when certificates are going to expire. Medical care is often not the core business on board and it is money saving to hand over the management of the medical lockers of the entire fleet. We can offer replenishments / recertifications on half-yearly or yearly basis, allowing us to reduce freight charges. We have a list of hundreds of vessels with their complete medical lockers, managed by this system.


Why Antwerp Port Pharmacy?

Antwerp Port Pharmacy is officially registrated and licensed by the Belgian Ministry of Health and Ministry of Transport and therefore meets Belgian pharmaceutical quality standards. Our qualified team of representatives, serving you in a variety of languages such as English, Dutch, French and German, will assist you in all medical matters. As a result of our 24/7 delivery service in the ARA region and because of our unique location in the center of Europe, we are able to manage your requests with the highest priority. Since maintenance of a perfect healthcare/budget control balance is very important to us, we always aim to offer long shelf life products at the best possible price.

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